Myakka City, Florida is an administered city by the administrative division of South East Manatee County, Florida, United States. It lies along State Road 70 near the city of Bradenton, the county seat of Manatee County. It is a small rural community far away from other places in Florida. The people living in Myakka preserved the natural way of living. This place is surrounded with forests, rivers and streams where peace and tranquillity soothes every spirit.

As seen above, Myakka is spelled in different ways. Going back to the history, a common story were shared about how this city is spelled. There was a man who requested to register Myakka on the federal map. Since the man wrote so poorly, instead of writing “I” he wrote the letter “Y”. But some people spelled it as Myakka. Thus, any of the two is accepted.

The people in Myakka consider their religion as one of the important aspects of their lives. Through their religion they are able to find their identity. It also serves as a way of passing their culture and tradition. Methodist and Baptist are the widespread denomination in Myakka. Though there are different ways of worshipping in certain area in Myakka, but still they stick to their goal in bringing the people closer to their God. One of the cultures of Myakkan people is dining with their fellow. They usually prepare food and invite their neighbor to eat with them. People here know the essence of hospitality and sharing which are evident with their simple gestures.

Myakka is place where you can engage with nature. Some of the people used this as an avenue for business and for promotion of tourism in their place. If you’re looking for refreshing and grassy ambiance, Dakin Dairy Farm is the best escapade. You will also learn how to get fresh milk from the well cared cows. Entertainment and an additional knowledge about farming will be served as you visit this place. Another eco-friendly venture is the Breeze Horse Rental Ranch. Love and peace will strike your heart as you enter in this ranch. You will also learn horsemanship with their well-trained staffs and friendly horses. If you want to experience the largest and oldest state parks in Myakka you may visit the Myakka State Park. You will surely enjoy wildlife viewing from a boardwalk that stretches out over the Upper Myakka Lake. A stroll on the treetops with the canopy walkway is also great. The two lakes and Park´s River provide great opportunities for those who love boating, canoeing, kayaking and freshwater fishing.

Looking for a place to stay in Myakka is not a problem. There are nearby hotels which can give amenities that will suit your taste. Some of which is the Holiday Inn Sarasota-Lakewood Ranch. Cleanliness, safety and convenience will surely be catered to you. Excellent facilities and bubbly staff will welcome you. Another place to stay is in Hibiscus Suites Inn. You will be amazed with their non-smoking accommodations. Another interesting amenity of this hotel is the coin-operated laundry facilities that will surely help you in refreshing your travel wear.

Myakka City